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Why are we so concerned about how we look always ?

Posted by madhuminna on July 28, 2008

I just came back from the gym , which i am kind of frequenting these days.. One of the reasons which i go regularly is because i have company. I go with one of my my collegue . Both of us in our early 30s crisis of weight gain.

Now coming back to the point.. Everytime i go to the gym i look at people who always look at themselves every few seconds to see if they are looking good or looking presentable or if they have lost a couple of pounds after a few mins of exercise.. I always used to think it is only women who do it but of late a lot of men do it too..

I remember in our early 20’s….which sounds like it was years ago !! we never used to bother about anything..never used to care about how you look…but as you get older does some kind of switch turn on that everytime we see a mirror we have to checkout ourselves ??


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