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Mom and dad ….. we will miss you

Posted by madhuminna on July 29, 2008

We have our parents living with us for the past 2.5 months and in another 3 weeks all of us will be leaving to india. Everyday i keep counting down to the day we are going to Chennai and Hyderabad, i think more than counting down to go to india i am going to miss my parents being around.

The last time my parents were with us when our twin daughters were born and it was the crazy 5 months and we never got a chance to even sit and talk for a while. This time around my babies have become toddlers and they keep my parents occupied and me and K enjoy the convinience of having somebody else to take care of the kids and also someone else to talk to. IT is great.

We are going to miss you mom and dad


2 Responses to “Mom and dad ….. we will miss you”

  1. Madhuram said

    Tell me about it. Even my mother is visiting us and she will be leaving in November. She has already started counting the days and 50 days have gone just like that. Even she came back in 2005 during my delivery and as you have said, there was no time for us to talk. Now we are able to catch up with a lot of things and me and my hubby are also going out a lot without my son.

  2. madhuminna said

    Madhuram, we are nearing the last day when our parents are going to be with us and though we are going to india we are still going to miss them so much.

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