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Sharing your life with your hubby after kids !

Posted by madhuminna on August 1, 2008

Sharing your life with your significant other kind of changes as years go by.

I keep wondering sometimes as to why we dont understand each other,  i always think it is only my dear hubby who does not understand me at all. But i am sure it is both ways, I am sure i have done so many things that would have made my poor hubby think that my wife does not care about me anymore . Everybody keeps saying life changes after kids ,  I really did not bother so much about it when i was single or when i did not have kids but  neither of us give time for each other anymore . It is kind of scary to think how long this is going to last.


5 Responses to “Sharing your life with your hubby after kids !”

  1. Madhuram said

    Hi Madhu, I came here from Laksh’s blog. I’m also a Madhu.

    I can totally relate to it. I also have a son who is going to be 3. I also feel that my husband and myself have become more like room mates than life partners.

  2. madhuminna said

    Madhuram , Nice to meet you .

  3. Laksh said

    Madhu, This is just a phase too and will pass.

  4. SPillay said

    Hi. Came here from Laksh’s. Re your post, I totally understand you. With the 101 things that we do on a daily basis, it is almost impossibe to sit down and reconnect with each other at the end of the day. Often, the TV becomes #1 choice (by both). I too now understand what people mean by “putting in effort” to ensure a romantic/intimate relationship after kids. For me – I need to find more energy first 🙂 .

  5. anamika said

    yes, I can vouch for what Laksh said. Have seen many ups and downs with the relation with my husband. We do put in effort occasionally to take time off and go out alone without kids. Make sure you do that somehow occasionally for at least an hour or two.To be able to point out that we need some time off, when things are rolling in mechanical fashion is the key thing.

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