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Babies are 2 year old already

Posted by madhuminna on September 23, 2008

It has been such a nice experience.. Our kids turned two on the Sept 13th and it has been an amazing two years. I still remember the first time we were told we were having twins… it was the first scan and the nurse kept prodding and saying..cant u see ..cant u see ? pointing at shapeless things

I was thinking is this lady crazy !  why would see anything in the shapeless black and white lines she was showing us.She showed is one head  and here is another head, it did not even strike me . I said so what u are showing different angles of one head ..are u not ?

She you are having twins !!! I asked her how come ! which was such a stupid question and she asked me …was it not invetro..i asked her ..what the hell that was ? and she said never mind.. She congratulated us and left the room. Me and kumar were looking at each other we did not know each other…

We went to the doctors room and she congratulated once again..we were wondering why are we being congratulated on , they have told us the most scariest thing in our life.. Both of us did not speak to each other for almost an hour.. We stopped at a  7-11 for a cup of coffee and then we looked at each other..i remember asking it is true is it not ? and kumar said yes. I said oh my god !

Our life with kids started with that Oh my god..and it was crazy..then it went crazier and now it is a little ok since they are 2 but now it is a different type of crazy 2’s…With both of them throwing I am both happy and releived and scared at the same time..if you know what i mean


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