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Chennai – 2008

Posted by madhuminna on September 24, 2008

Changes i found in Chennai in the last 3 years , my last visit was in 2005.. actually i did visit in the year of 2006 when i was pregnant but was unable to move around as freely as before.. so i would say 2005 would be my last visit.

From the Airport to home – Kathipara Junction is one big mess right now..but i am sure with all the bridges in place it is going to be far less traffic when compared to few years earlier

Road condition – All the same.. digging and no filling …has not changed much

Flats – So many of them !! it is like they just spurted out of nowhere..everywhere u turn it is flats and flats

Traffic – It is absolutely crazy. i did go in a car a couple of times when i was taking the kids around , it was such a bad expirience..which makes me wonder why anyone would drive a car in Chennai.. It take almost double to triple the time to go to a place than in a two wheeler.In general traffic has become so very crazy.

College Road to GN Chetty road.. Two huge bridges which has freeed the traffic a little or rather the traffic is flowing a little smoothly than bfore in the liberty bridge

Ranganathan Street – Crowded as always, but now with the bridge atleast there is more place to park and there is less traffic on the road.

Spencers Plaza – Now spencers has annexure 2 and 3 and there are lot of Singapore shops like Giardano and Bossini which were not there before.

Cane and Bamboo – this is one Arts and Crafts shop that everyone who is interested in Arts should visit, they had beautiful articrafts at a very good price.

Shoppers Stop – One waste Shop

Big Bazaar – They have tried to have a similar concept of Walmart  but it is a long way to go.

Megamart – No comments.

Murugan Idli shop- This was a shop that was opened a few years ago, i happened to visit it the last time in 2005 , it was good.. this time was not so good.. but one idly cost 8Rs ! and the size of the idli also has thinned down.

The following section is only for ladies

Gold Shops – This is was the first time i had really bought gold , thangamaligai was as crazy as ever. I had taken K the first day to a gold shop he said..are people in chennai crazy..this is like a vegetable market ! which i totally agree… Shree is a good place.

Joyallukas – This is a new gold shop , apparently owned by Film actor prashanth. I just happened to visit it once and it was totally a mallu shop.  Right from the attendants to everyone in the shop.

Jhillmill and Narayana Pearls – They are absolutely awesome, it is better buying fashion jewellery and silver plated gold jewellery than actual gold jewellery.


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