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Cooking & Cleaning & Laundry !!

Posted by madhuminna on September 24, 2008

God please give me a robot ..or make me a robot while i am doing all this !

I always keep wondering how my mom used to do everything so fast …i keep trying but i never get it right..every evening is one crazy struggle of and laundry ..with two kids running between my legs..  saying..mommy..mommy….

K keeps saying i am obesessed with laundry.  which probably i am but i like it that way..every cloth that we wear every evening even if for a few hours goes directly to the laundry basket , well that was how i was bought up so that is how it is. so we always fight on usual poor K did not win..

Oflate both Maansi and Anisha like only variety rice.. tomato rice .biriyani rice… no rasam saadam (Rice) or paruppu saadam (dhaal rice) so it is like cooking two for us and one for them. It is so damn tiring.


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