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My movie theater experience in Chennai

Posted by madhuminna on September 24, 2008

I was in chennai for almost three weeks and every day i was there..i wanted to go and watch a tamil movie in theater again, it was almost 4 years since i saw a tamil movie in a theater

I heard from friends living in chennai that City Center was really great, i wanted to see what exactly was City Center because as far as i remember there was nothing so great near radhakrishnan salai except the college but ultimately with so many other things getting priority my visit to city center did not materialize.

Finally i decided that i am going to a movie no matter what even if it was alone, it was late on 8th of September when me and my sister set out on the kinetic honda , we were thinking on getting tickets for the next day show of Saroja which was supposed to be one good movie but we went all the way to the theater and they said the advanced ticket hours were over..That is when it struck me that i am in chennai and that there are advanced ticket hours..for whatever reason it was !

So we ended up going to AVM Rajeshwari theater and watched a movie called ‘Dhaam Dhoom’. we were already late by 20 mins..we thought what they hell it is just a tamil movie it does not matter even if we are more than 30 mins late we are going to get to understand it ..god knows why the director named the movie that guess would be he / she did not know what else to name the movie. 

We found some corner seats and i was sitting all the way to the wall and my sister in the next seat. There was just one empty seat and in came a middle aged man..after a few mins my sister said this guy was troubling i asked her to come this side and i sat beside him to see what he was gonna do.. immediately after we did that he left the seat..then came interval and we had oily veggie puffs and popcorn and coke ! and we were back in our comes the middle aged man again , he was starting to act smart again. he got a piece of my mind and after which he disappeared !

With one drama finished…i was looking at the wall because i was so bored with the picture and down came two cockroaches ..god !! i could not look at the screen until both of them disappeared into one of their homes that they probably made in the theater.

Finally the movie ended and i had more fun or drama in the theater than the movie.. It was great to be back in Chennai


One Response to “My movie theater experience in Chennai”

  1. Apar said

    I was not much of a movie goer when I grew up here in Chennai. When I started working, things were a wee bit different; going to the movies every weekend to take a break from programming. Did not visit the theatre in any of the visits I made to Chennai when I was residing in NY. Now, back to being a Chennaivasi, I went to the theatre with A (both animation movies 🙂 )- Satyam complex. OMG what a diff! It is way better. Seating, food, ambiance. We still get seat numbers, but then definitely an improvement to what I had known theatre viewing was. I have heard Inox is also similar and so is Mayajaal. Am yet to visit those.

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