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My daughters are getting independant

Posted by madhuminna on October 1, 2008

We have been noticing that for the past two days Maansi and Anisha are playing with each other for long durations.

Sunday, it was our day to cook atleast for two days so there i was cooking vegetarian and K was cooking mutton curry and both of them were running and playing all over the house.. they kept themselves occupied with dolls. books .. papers..spoons..cups…paper…chairs..chalk..cds..remote controls..phones..anything and everything they can find , the only thing that we had to do is anything that Maansi finds.we have to find one for Anisha and vice versa so that they dont fight for it..otherwise they are getting lot more independant.

At this time though i am bit sad about it because i think i have kind of grown used to their dependancy ..mommy mommy all the time.. I am a little jeolous but i am loving it too.

I love the fact that i have twins..


One Response to “My daughters are getting independant”

  1. Suman said

    That’s what my mom used to say… that she has enjoyed having twins (me and my brother). Enjoyed reading this post.

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