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Remembering old times

Posted by madhuminna on May 22, 2009

I am back and hopefully will remain active going forward

We are leaving to┬áPotomoc falls┬álater today to visit an old friend. We have lived in NY for the past almost 5 years and finally going to meet her . We were very close when in college and those were the times when u tell each other how much we will always keep in touch and always be together and blah blah…Reality is totally different.

looking forward to this break, the past few months have been hectic at work, your desire to get into a higher post in ur career has its disadvantages, you give up a lot of things that are important to you . Sometimes i just want to give up and let things be…but this thought does not last more than a minute

I want to totally forget about work and be a carefree person..if not like how we were 10 years ago but somewhere close

This means a tough weekend for my hubby because he is going to be taking care of two toddler naughty and non-stop blabbering and non-stop fighting kids we have…shhhhh i did not tell my husband this was my plan but i guess he will get it once we reach there…


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