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Babies are 2 year old already

Posted by madhuminna on September 23, 2008

It has been such a nice experience.. Our kids turned two on the Sept 13th and it has been an amazing two years. I still remember the first time we were told we were having twins… it was the first scan and the nurse kept prodding and saying..cant u see ..cant u see ? pointing at shapeless things

I was thinking is this lady crazy !  why would see anything in the shapeless black and white lines she was showing us.She showed is one head  and here is another head, it did not even strike me . I said so what u are showing different angles of one head ..are u not ?

She you are having twins !!! I asked her how come ! which was such a stupid question and she asked me …was it not invetro..i asked her ..what the hell that was ? and she said never mind.. She congratulated us and left the room. Me and kumar were looking at each other we did not know each other…

We went to the doctors room and she congratulated once again..we were wondering why are we being congratulated on , they have told us the most scariest thing in our life.. Both of us did not speak to each other for almost an hour.. We stopped at a  7-11 for a cup of coffee and then we looked at each other..i remember asking it is true is it not ? and kumar said yes. I said oh my god !

Our life with kids started with that Oh my god..and it was crazy..then it went crazier and now it is a little ok since they are 2 but now it is a different type of crazy 2’s…With both of them throwing I am both happy and releived and scared at the same time..if you know what i mean


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Back from home….or rather my old home.

Posted by madhuminna on September 15, 2008

We are finally back from india.

It has been such a great trip, dont ask me what i did..really did not do much..travelled ..travelled..shopped and travelled and shopped and came back ! It was so relaxing and taxing at the same time. I still felt bad that i could not meet with everybody i wanted to meet. Initially when i started 4+ weeks ago i was thinking that i almost going for a long duration and i would be able to meet everybody i wanted to meet, but i was is never enough time.

Now back to work and i wish i was not back to work 🙂

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Sharing your life with your hubby after kids !

Posted by madhuminna on August 1, 2008

Sharing your life with your significant other kind of changes as years go by.

I keep wondering sometimes as to why we dont understand each other,  i always think it is only my dear hubby who does not understand me at all. But i am sure it is both ways, I am sure i have done so many things that would have made my poor hubby think that my wife does not care about me anymore . Everybody keeps saying life changes after kids ,  I really did not bother so much about it when i was single or when i did not have kids but  neither of us give time for each other anymore . It is kind of scary to think how long this is going to last.

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Mom and dad ….. we will miss you

Posted by madhuminna on July 29, 2008

We have our parents living with us for the past 2.5 months and in another 3 weeks all of us will be leaving to india. Everyday i keep counting down to the day we are going to Chennai and Hyderabad, i think more than counting down to go to india i am going to miss my parents being around.

The last time my parents were with us when our twin daughters were born and it was the crazy 5 months and we never got a chance to even sit and talk for a while. This time around my babies have become toddlers and they keep my parents occupied and me and K enjoy the convinience of having somebody else to take care of the kids and also someone else to talk to. IT is great.

We are going to miss you mom and dad

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Learning to be patient

Posted by madhuminna on July 29, 2008

Everyday i keep telling myself i have to be patient but i never am patient enough.

I want everything to happen as i like it and the minute something happens that is not like it is supposed to be, i get impatient.

Of late i have noticed that i am taking this on my kids and K. This is a huge mistake ..this is what i hated about parents who take it out on kids ..Now i have started to do the same…I need to stop doing it. I will update more as days go by to see how i am progressing in this .

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Why are we so concerned about how we look always ?

Posted by madhuminna on July 28, 2008

I just came back from the gym , which i am kind of frequenting these days.. One of the reasons which i go regularly is because i have company. I go with one of my my collegue . Both of us in our early 30s crisis of weight gain.

Now coming back to the point.. Everytime i go to the gym i look at people who always look at themselves every few seconds to see if they are looking good or looking presentable or if they have lost a couple of pounds after a few mins of exercise.. I always used to think it is only women who do it but of late a lot of men do it too..

I remember in our early 20’s….which sounds like it was years ago !! we never used to bother about anything..never used to care about how you look…but as you get older does some kind of switch turn on that everytime we see a mirror we have to checkout ourselves ??

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List of things – Never Ending list….

Posted by madhuminna on July 28, 2008

We would be visiting india in the month of August. This is a trip we are looking forward too.

But even months before we leave me and K have a list of things that we need to complete before we go back , this list keeps growing and growing.

The point is our life is always a list of things to do ? dont you think so ? We complete one thing and the next thing comes up .

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As My Day come to an end

Posted by madhuminna on July 28, 2008

It is almost 4.30 pm and i am already looking forward for the day to end at office . Today is one of those days that i really dont feel like working.

In the back of my mind are my two daughters who are probably just waking up from their nap at home or it is possible that they are up and running already.

It is amazing to see how much energy they have. Wish we had atleast half that energy.

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Why do we keep quiet?

Posted by madhuminna on July 28, 2008

Why do we always keep quiet when we should be speaking out loud ?

Why do we answer some questions silently and not say them out loud ?

I am a person who thinks i am an open minded person but the minute it comes to me talking out loud to somebody who matters to me i shut up my actual thoughts. I dont want to hurt the person so i rather dont speak out or just say something the other person wants to hear. I always think i should not be doing it but i have not yet got the courage to do it.

I have a couple of friends who blog and i always feel so amazed at out they can speak out so openly so i am trying blogging for the first time to see how it feels to speak out openly and get some answers and advice from everyone who reads and blogs.

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Hello world!

Posted by madhuminna on July 28, 2008

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